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Our March 2020 Q&A

Can I sue a contractor for not pulling permit? The DOB has stopped all work.

Greetings. It appears the DOB has concluded that you needed permits and have issued a stop work order. You must now obtain the proper permits and lift the stop. That is the priority; you need to having a clean living space. Regarding who is to blame for not having the appropriate permits is a contractual issue. Who in the renovation contract was responsible? That is the person who is at fault. If the contract is silent, then the fault is with the homeowner. Please contact a good New York lawyer if you have any further questions. Good luck.

Can I lease an apartment to a contractor who also wants to do work on the apartment?

Greetings. This is a great situation -- but only if done right. Everything must be in writing. Otherwise, the probability of the relationship going wrong are very high. You need to look no further than the thousands of cases that are filed annually in housing court to appreciate the probability. So you need both a home improvement contract and a lease agreement. Contact a good New York lawyer today to get started. Good luck.

Can I sue a PA contractor who keeps jacking up the price for work to be done in New York?

Greetings. It appears you have entered into a home improvement contract with a PA contractor. Both New York and Pennsylvania have consumer protection laws concerning home improvement. Both also have fraud provisions, with at least one of them stating that a contract cannot be fraudulently increased. You need a lawyer. The lawyer will review the facts of your situation and guide you appropriately, including whether to file in New York or Pennsylvania. Do not delay as you do not want to lose any claims or defenses you may have. Contact a good New York lawyer today.

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